The tourists visiting the Cape Cod this 4th of July week may want to stay out of the water, just like the town of Amity Island in the original 'Jaws' movie !

According to the 'Mail Online' a 2,000 lb. 16 foot great white shark was spotted outside the town of Chatham, was seen 50 feet from shore hunting seals.

Here is a word of advice to you, never swim in the ocean near a bunch of seals, they are the prime target for sharks!  More than one shark has been spotted close to popular swimming area and people are being warned to use caution and that sharks have been spotted in the area.

I admittedly am a shark fanatic, and have been since I was a little kid. I love swimming in the ocean and try not to think about sharks, but I'm always keeping a keen eye on the water. On my bucket list I would love to go in a shark cage, but this situation is a little to close for comfort.

So, we will see if people heed the warnings and stay out of the water, otherwise we may have a real life 'Jaws' movie play out this 4th of July holiday!