Rebecca Black endured heaps of withering scorn after releasing her debut single, the unintentionally hilarious 'Friday,' but give her credit -- she's still making music, and she's even sharpened her vocal chops.

In fact, for her latest single, Black decided to show off her new and improved range by tackling a song most of her audience already knows by heart: 'Stay,' the showcase number (and Top 5 hit) from Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' album. It's a gutsy move for sure, but Rebecca Black has never lacked chutzpah -- and now she's working on developing the voice to back it up.

Much as we might have raised our eyebrows when we found out she'd recorded it, Black's version of 'Stay' -- performed with fellow YouTube personality Dave Days -- is nothing to laugh at; far from the heavily Auto-Tuned 'Friday,' it's a relaxed, minimally arranged take on the song, and if it doesn't exactly make a case for her as the singing voice of a generation, it at least suggests that she might belong in front of a microphone.

It also casts 'Friday' in a different light -- rather than the career-killing debut disaster it seemed like in 2011, it now looks instead like a young performer's awkward first steps. Who could have guessed?

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