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Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson is opening up about her weight loss journey. The actress says many studios and execs paid her more money to remain larger for past roles. She said it took a major toll on her mental health and she finally wants to prioritize her health. (via Radio)

Look Towards You Inner Self During Cancer Season

The sun will leave Gemini on June 20 and move into Cancer, where it will remain until July 22. Cancer, unlike its social, fast-paced counterpart Gemini, is a more introverted sign. This is a time to look towards your inner self and emotions. This time is perfect for meaningful connections in your social, family and romantic life. (via Cosmopolitan)

Shane Dawson Leaving Beauty Community Amid Drama

Shane Dawson is leaving the YouTube beauty scene. He posted a statement Saturday announcing his exit is due to the infighting and drama in the community. He claims that the beauty gurus who are always involved in scandals are "attention-seeking, game playing, egocentric, narcissistic, vengeful, two-faced ticking time bombs ready to explode." (via Just Jared)

Jada Pinkett Smith Rewards Uber Driver Who Delivered Thousands of Meals to Hospital Workers

After giving an exhausted nurse a ride home, Uber driver Tammy Smith wanted to show her gratitude to front line workers. Over the past two months, she has been buying and delivering up to 60 lunches and dinners daily to doctors and nurses at her local hospital. On Mother's Day, Smith, a mother of two, was invited on Jada Pinkett Smith's web show, Red Table Talk, where Pinkett Smith gifted her an eco-friendly car. (via Good News Network)

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