There are certain words and phrases unique to us as Minnesotans that we use, and use them so much they have become part of life. I think it's time for us to retire them from our vocabulary.

A lot of these words and phrases are like a running joke. People in the rest of the country tease us for using them and they have become Minnesota stereotypes. You remember the movie "Fargo"? Many people thought that Minnesotans were being made fun of, but really, the truth hurts, we do talk like that and say those words.

This is why they need to be retired. Anyone that plays a Minnesotan in the movies or TV show uses these words and there we are, people that look silly because we really do say those words.

That bad part of this article is, my family is going to read this and say, "Hey wait a minute there Chris, we say those gosh darn words, you are making fun of us" (all said with a Minnesota accent. I'm not picking on anyone, it's just that these words and phrases hafta go!

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See if you say some of these, then stop saying them! I know, I say some of them, and I will probably never stop and I need to. Here it goes anyway. There is a reason people use these words and phrases, I have words and explanations for why they are used, because there si a history why we speak this way.

How many do you use? Well, stop it!!

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