'Full House' lasted eight seasons on on traditional TV, now 21 years later it's back as 'Fuller House' on Netflix, but is it worth watching?

The answer is yes IF you liked 'Full House.' If you didn't like the original, you for sure won't like 'Fuller House.'

"Fuller House' reunites the entire cast, all except Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and they make that clear with several jokes aimed at the fashion mogul twins during the series, including a drunk dial to the missing sister.

In 'Fuller House,' D.J. Tanner is a widowed mother of three kids when her sister, Stephanie, and her best friend, Kimmy, move in to help with the day to day craziness.

There are several appearances throughout the series of Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse and other 'Full House' cast members. "Fuller House' is packed with references to the original series, including mixing in actual clips from the classic show from time to time.

'Fuller House' is good, cheesy fun. Is it going to change the world? No. Will you roll your eyes at the bad jokes? Yes. Is it a worth watching? Have mercy, YES!

All 13 episodes of 'Fuller House' are available now on 'Netflix," no word on if they have renewed the series for a second season, but judging by all the buzz around the show, my bet is 'Fuller House' will be back for at least one more season. Stay tuned.