Netflix is banking on some nostalgia again, after the success of 'Fuller House,' the streaming service is now bringing back everyone's favorite man-child, Pee-wee.

'Pee-wee's Big Holiday' is playing now and stars Paul Reubens as the loveable and quirky Pee-wee, and also stars Joe Manganiello as himself; you might know him from 'Spider-man,' 'Magic Mike' and 'True Blood,' he has to point that out to Pee-wee in the movie because Pee-wee has no idea who he is.

Instead of a big adventure, Pee-wee goes on a big holiday across the country to meet up with his new BFF, Manganiello, in New York City for the actors birthday party.

Needless to say, during the trip, Pee-wee finds himself in all sorts of predicaments; from getting taken hostage by an all female gang, or teaching Amish people new ways of entertaining themselves with a balloon, Pee-wee is always getting into something mischievous.

It doesn't appear that Pee-wee has aged a day(Reubens looks great), and unfortunately, neither does the comedy. While I found myself entertained throughout the movie, I didn't find it very funny or original.

Some of the jokes fell flat, and a few went on longer than they should have. But the movie is fun, if not funny, and is safe to watch in front of most children.

If you love Pee-wee, you will like 'Pee-wee's Big Holiday,' I give it 3 red bowties out of 5.






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