Rihanna will appear at the VMAs on Thursday, Sept. 6, so what better way to hype up her appearance and her almost-a-year-old ‘Talk That Talk’ album than by dropping the remix of the overly sexed up song ‘Cockiness (Love It)?’ The remix features a few verses courtesy of Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky, last seen posing as JFK to Lana Del Rey‘s Jackie O in her ‘National Anthem’ video.

A$AP Rocky drops plenty of eff bombs, even saying he will go “RiRi-tarded” in a line that might upset some people.

Remember, this is the song where Ri sings, “Suck my cockiness / Lick my persuasion.” Oh, the puns, the puns. They pretty much ooze sex. Ri then coos about how she wants you to be her sex slave and anything she desires. She also sings about loving it when you eat it. And she’s not talking about cake or any other sort of food, people. The lyrics to this hot, buttered jam are certainly X-rated.

There’s no subtlety here. Come to think of it. There’s no puns, since those require a bit of facetiousness. RiRi is not joking. She is outright begging for a bangin’ here.

Her cadence in the song pays homage to her island roots and it lives among that undulating beat just won’t quit. Rocky takes an already X-rated song and adds a couple more “Xs” to it, since he isn’t afraid to use cuss words in abundance.

Listen to Rihanna ‘Cockiness (Love It)’ Remix Feat. A$AP Rocky