Unfortunately, it looks like Rosie O'Donnell's dream of playing Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live will live on only in her hilariously Photoshopped Twitter profile photo.

Speaking to TMZ, O'Donnell implied that the producers over at NBC weren't as enthusiastic about her offer to play Bannon as Twitter users were when she first came up with the idea following Melissa McCarthy's cameo as Sean Spicer.

"That's it. That was the whole impression," she confirmed of the network's reaction. "Start to finish... Because I'm not in the cast."

As for non-cast member Alec Baldwin's ongoing Donald Trump impression, the comedian stressed that the actor "kinda is" an unofficial part of SNL, so it doesn't count.

"Well, he's hosted 17 times!" she explained, adding that she wouldn't consider playing Trump herself because "Alec is too good" at it.

Fair enough... but we'd still pay to see her impersonate Bannon!

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