A couple weeks ago in Superior Ruby's Pantry gave away more than 42,000 pounds of potatoes donated by farmers.

There is another surplus of potatoes, and the public is invited to pick up their FREE potatoes on Friday, September 21st starting at 3pm until they're gone.


Ruby's Pantry has a semi truck full of FREE POTATOES to those who would come and pick them up.

OVER 40,000 pounds of potatoes will be given away on Friday at First United Methodist Church--the Coppertop Church--in Duluth.

You're asked to please bring bags, baskets, etc. to pick up your potatoes.

The last truck of potatoes was given away in under two hours and they expect the same to happen on Friday.  Ruby's Pantry says this potato give away is a one-time opportunity for us to give back to the community with FREE food to help families.

The potatoes come from various suppliers across MN and WI and are often the product of overstock produce. Farmers will often donate them to the program in lieu of disposing of good potatoes.  Ruby's Pantry ordinarily distributes food from the Coppertop Church on every 3rd Thursday of the month.  More information about Ruby's Pantry and food distribution can be found on the Ruby's Pantry Facebook page HERE or the Ruby's Pantry website.