A resident from Saginaw, Minnesota is selling hundreds of dollars worth of toilet paper. Yes, you read that right.

I came across the ad while browsing Facebook for a few minutes on Tuesday (April 7th) and while they aren't the only person in the Northland area to have the fluffy stuff up for sale, they definitely are offering up the most TP and the priciest.

According to the picture accompanying the post, there looks to be about seventeen packs of toilet paper and one pack of paper towels. The sale price is set at $600 dollars for all of it.

According to the seller, you can buy it all for the lump sum or you can buy packs separately. They note that "prices will vary" depending on package and brand.

If you break things down, that means you would be paying about $35 dollars per pack of toilet paper. A good portion of the packs shown in the picture are 12 packs, which usually go for about $12 bucks per pack depending on brand.

While this wouldn't seem odd under normal circumstances, it isn't the greatest look amid COVID-19. When things with the pandemic started to escalate, many people took to stores to buy as much toilet paper as possible, leaving shelves empty and people in need without.


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