Sammy's Pizza announced on Facebook Tuesday that they were temporarily closing after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Sammy's has said that during the closure they will have employees tested for COVID-19. They will also deep clean and sanitize the restaurant. They ask that you follow their Facebook page for information on when they reopen.

Sammy's Pizza has several locations across Duluth & Superior, but at this time this is the only location being temporarily closed. Many other businesses in The Northland have had to close temporarily after a positive test result among their staff. Just today, Duluth Grill announced a closure after one of their employees who worked in the "back of the house" tested positive.

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Sammy's goes on to say the safety of their guests is their top priority, and that is why the came to the decision to temporarily close. It's nice to see business owners stepping up to do their part to help keep people safe during the pandemic. Sammy's Pizza has been a local favorite for years, and the West Duluth location has been known for their popular pizza lunch buffet.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in The Northland. As of August 5th there are 453 cases in St. Louis County. Across the bridge in Douglas County there are 139 confirmed cases. Unfortunately it appears there is no end in sight for business disruptions due to confirmed cases.

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