If you are around my age, which is, um...over 25...you understand what I mean when I say I had an OBSESSION with a little show called "Saved By the Bell."

I know every character, every episode, every word to the theme song, and even the fact that Leah Remini was Stacey before she was Carrie Heffernan.  I also had a massive crush on Zack from "Saved By the Bell." As a matter of fact, my mom took me to Circus Circus to a signing with Mark-Paul and Mario Lopez when I was in 5th or 6th grade. And although I'm pretty sure I was just a dumb kid to them, I didn't care...I saw them, real life TV stars in person! And I got their autographs. And I took a picture with a Polaroid camera of the tops of their heads as they were hunched over autographing headshots .

I even had written my very own episode of Saved By the Bell I wanted to mail to the producers.  It was about Kelly's little cousin (me, of course) that comes to visit, and falls in love with Zach.  I could explain further...but that is really embarassing and I can't believe I'm admitting it in my blog.  (Who am I kidding?  No one but my mom reads my blog, and she already knows all this.)

My 12-year old inner SBTB geek is so excited to show you what I found!  It's everything I loved in 1992.  Saved By the Bell, a video game, and choose your own adventure.  Have fun!  I know I have for the past 2 hours.