I hate keys, plain and simple. Now thanks to some new technology I'll be able to ditch at least one key in my collection. Introducing Lockitron, a new product that will allow you to lock and unlock  a door by simply using your smartphone.

Judging by the response on their website, I'm not the only one looking to ditch the key in favor of modern technology. According to the stats on their site they were looking for $150,000 in backers or pre-orders and they've reached 521% of their goal and raised over $782,000!

As soon as I'm done with this story I'm reserving my Lockitron, one Lockitron unit will cost $150 and they claim shipping will start in March of 2013.  This thing is loaded with cool features including the ability to remotely let someone into your house or granting access to a friend or family member while they visit, check out the video it will explain it all. I hope this is the beginning of the end for the common key, good riddance!

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