MIX 108 is excited to announce we just launched our brand new smartphone and tablet app! There are a lot of great reasons you should get it on your phone or tablet right now, but here are the 6 reasons you should do it right away.

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    Be the first to know about important stuff

    Be in the know! Find out about breaking news, school closings, severe weather, and even big giveaway announcements before everyone else with notifications sent to your phone.

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    You'll be able to tell people you keep Jeanne Ryan in your pocket

    ...or maybe Ian Redmond. Or Tony Hart. Or Nick Cooper. Keep all of the MIX 108 staff - our videos, blogs, and live streaming shows with you at all times! You can even save our blogs to view offline to save on data or catch up on Tony's musings while you're on an airplane.

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    Get instant access to exclusive opportunities to win stuff

    We'll be giving away exclusive prizes only to people that have our app, and giving people with our app early notice about other chances to win. Whether it's tickets to the big concert coming to town, cold hard cash, or any number of other things, you'll have the best chance to win!

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    Interact with the staff with ease

    Call the MIX 108 studio line with the tap of your screen, submit photos and videos, and a whole lot more! Our app gives you new ways to easily interact with us at the station with ease, right from the device you always have with you.

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    Listen to MIX 108 anywhere, and even in new ways

    Stream MIX 108 on your phone or tablet, with the added ability to use AirPlay to send MIX 108 to any AirPlay-capable device or using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to make listening to MIX 108 even easier in your car.

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    One of the MIX 108 staff is getting a pie in the face

    Based on your votes on the MIX 108 Facebook page, one of us will be getting a pie in the face on Thursday, April 6 if we get to 200 app downloads. If we get to 500 or more by next Thursday, EVERYONE on staff gets a pie in the face!

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