17 year old J.T. Gaskins has been suspended from The Madison Academy in Burton over his hair he plans to donate to cancer patients. Gaskins was diagnosed with Leukemia at the early age of one year old, but has been in remission since he was seven. After he found out that the sister of a family friend was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to grow out his hair to support Locks of Love. He was suspended from school due to the school's student handbook which requires that boys' hair be clean, neat, off the ears and out of the eyes. Christa Plante, Gaskins mother, says she supports her son 100 percent, and has since then began a petition that asks the school to change their policy, allowing students to grow their hair for the Locks of Love charity.

I thought it was bad enough getting kicked out of band my senior year for not participating in marching band because I had to work. I can't imagine being kicked out of school for having my hair too long. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that the school knew what he's been through, and is criticizing his actions to help others who've battled cancer. I hope that Gaskins will continue to grow out his hair, despite his high school handbook.