This weekend we were out to dinner at one of our favorite local places to eat. It was very busy as usual, but after we sat down and prepared to started. A fussy baby. Now I understand how kids can be, ....but this is not about the baby it is the parents. This poor baby was so miserable and proceeded to fuss and cry, and then finally  full blown screaming and crying. We were a few booths away and still it was blood curdling. Now the parents were attentive in trying to calm her down but no luck. Finally after 20 minutes and a few stares from everyone, one of the parents got up and took the baby somewhere . What a horrible situation and embarrassing for the parents, but I guess if that was me I would get it to go, or better yet get a much is your 4 month old baby enjoying dinner out on the town. I know, cheaper then a sitter, but Mom and Dad If you want a break and nice dinner out for everyone, leave the baby at home!