Sean Kingston is back in the studio, working on his third album, ‘Back 2 Life,’ and now the 22-year-old reveals that he has teamed up with Shakira and Wiz Khalifa for the forthcoming release.

In an exclusive interview with The Boombox, Kingston says the Khalifa-assisted joint is called ’100,000 People,’ and is a “feel-good stadium type of song.” He also explains how the collabo came about.

“Me and Wiz have always been friends, since before ‘Black & Yellow,’ before he got into the mainstream world,” Kingston says. “Then basically one day I just was like, ‘Yo, I got a record for ya,’ and I sent it to him. I think I iChatted it to him, actually.”

Kingston’s track with Shakira was organized in a more official way, but the outcome is just as special. “My peoples played her peoples my record and they loved it,” the pop star explains. “I wasn’t able to be in the studio with her actually, but she’s a great person. She’s talented.”

Kingston says ‘Back 2 Life’ is “basically done”and admits that the title of the LP is directly related to the near fatal jet ski accident the Jamaica native was involved in last May.

“It came from the accident,” he confirms of the title. “I’m coming back to life. God gave me a second chance at life, ya know. I’m coming back, this is basically a whole new me. I’m more humble. I’m more levelheaded. I’ve been through a lot. I appreciate life, so it’s basically I’m back and this is me.”

He adds, “… I’m really just excited to be back. I’m excited to be alive. I’m excited to be back making music again and I can’t wait for my all fans to hear what I’ve got going on.”

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