I spent some time this weekend with my daughter coloring and playing with activity books like this Mickey Mouse and Friends book. It was great fun until we started this one particular word search puzzle.

We quickly started marking them off the list, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy all were found, but where was Pluto?

I spent the good part of an hour checking and rechecking, I asked my wife to look, did a letter by letter analysis, twice, and still nothing. By this time my daughter is off playing with Shopkins while I continue to obsess over this dumb word search, how could they have made that mistake?

In the middle of the far right row are the letters P-L-U-O-T, could they have simply misspelled the name of Mickey's dog? Or did my whole family miss it, and it's actually there somewhere?

You take a look, can you find Pluto?