Last week Selena Gomez released a new single "Lose You To Love Me" that many speculate to be about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Though the pop star hasn't directly confirmed the song is about her past relationship, it's safe to say she wrote it from a place of heartache. And during a recent interview with Zane Lowe her friend Taylor Swift praised the singer's new work, and her resilience. “'Lose You to Love Me,'” Swift said, is “the best thing [Selena’s] ever done.”

“She’s been through so much,” she added. “I’ve watched so much happen in her life and had a front-row seat to so much, and I’m so proud of her. She is such a revelation because now she’s making her best stuff.”

“The things that she’s overcome, the situations she’s risen above, it’s been a long time since we were friends and she’s the best. She’s just the best," she continued. "I’m really excited because when somebody has had great life experience, has had really tough things they’ve had to go through and they can process that and make art that’s going to help other people, that’s what kind of song this is. I’m stoked.”

Later that same day, Gomez stopped by the studio to chat with Lowe, who played her the clip from Swift.

"Taylor. That was very sweet. Amazing. For sure," she said. "She was frustrated when I was frustrated. She was sad when I was sad. But more than anything, my friends stood by my side when I think they visibly saw me in so much pain. They didn't want it for me, but they... Sorry. They never stopped loving me."

"I played her this song and I played it with her mom and dad, and I showed her the video. Her mom and Taylor started crying," she revealed. "It wasn't because the song was emotional, it was just because the first thing they said to me was, 'We're so happy that you're here. After seeing all of that, this is such a cool moment.' That's a huge thing for me."

"And she actually is someone that taught me how to do that really well in a very unapologetic way," she added. "I think that's helped me grow as an artist. It's helped me grow as a person. That's what it all should boil down to, is actually the moment you let all the guards down, it actually is the most rewarding."

Watch the video for "Lose You to Love Me" below.


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