Do you have a favorite oldie or are you feeling a bit nostalgic? We have you covered!

Request any throwback tune your heart desires and Lauren will play it for you during Cyber Lunch! Feast on your favorite throwback jams in the noon hour every single weekday.

Sending in a request has never been easier. Just fill out the form below and listen to MIX 108 to hear your tune and a special shout out during Cyber Lunch, brought to you by Lee's Pizza and their new pizza buffet.

Cyber Lunch Request

Let Lauren know what you want to hear during our Cyber Lunch request show!
  • Song title and artist, please. :)
  • We'd love to give you a shoutout! Are you working? Tell us where! Hanging out with friends on the beach? Let us know!
  • Have a story behind why you want to hear this song? We'd love to share. :)