April 21st, 2016 was a hard day for music lovers and Minnesotans as we lost a music pioneer. Several people have already started petitions for one of the greatest musicians to ever play. 

Hours after the horrible news, people went striaght to change.org to start up some petitions:

  • Give Prince A Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame - Just over 16,000 supporters as it comes to shock, this music legend doesn't have a star yet. Click here to sign this well deserved petition.
  • Rename Terminal 1 of MSP International Airport to Prince Rogers Nelson TerminalWith 5,626 supporters so far, people are saying the airport needs to honor the Minneapolis pop star by renaming Terminal 1. Click here to sign if you agree with this one.
  • Honor Prince With an Emoji - At 4,000 supporters and going strong, people are demanding Apple gives the purple one his own emoji. Click here to sign this
  • Revive Prince - By far the best petition I've ever seen. I'm shocked that there's only six supporters. I mean who doesn't want a beautiful purple zombie running around. You have to admit though, he would make one great looking zombie. Click here to support this obviously joke of a petition.

Let me know what you think of these petitions in the comments below. RIP purple one and may your music live on forever.

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