The follow post contains spoilers for Shazam. If you haven’t read old issues of Whiz Comics from the 1940s, but plan to in the near future, watch out!

I was not surprised when they made a Shazam movie. I’m almost never surprised when any comic book is turned into a movie at this point. Anything short of an NFL SuperPro movie is inevitable at this point.

Still, I was a bit surprised that the Shazam movie was loaded with so many references to the character’s comic-book mythology. Shazam (originally known as Captain Marvel, until another company you may have heard of came along made and trademarked their own character with that name) is one of the goofier comic characters. He’s a little kid who transforms into a muscle-bound hero, who pals around with other people with his same powers, fights evil alien worms, and has a talking tiger as a best friend.

This is not generally the kind of stuff one expects from a DC Comics movie, where Batman and Superman like to punch each other while growling about their moms. But Shazam fully embraces the character’s sweetness, and is thick with callbacks to the comics. The talking tiger doesn’t actually show up, but he does get several different shoutouts. In no particular order, here are our 15 favorite Shazam Easter eggs:

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