Shia LaBeouf is turning into Shia LaBuffoon. The actor, who was supposedly retiring from public life after his plagiarism drama, keeps digging a hole for himself. He headbutted a guy at a pub in London and then offered an apology to other bar patrons.

While at Hobgoblin, LaBeouf got all up in the dude's grill and then offered a rambling rant about how he is normal. Both the headbutt and the apology were captured on video.

Lucky for Shia, who claims he is a normal guy. Yeah, because normal dudes hire skywriters to offer apologies to authors from whom they cribbed material without offering proper credit.

On Thursday (Jan. 16), LaBeouf argued and then he headbutted a man, asking him what he said, as if to get him to repeat an insult.

Later, in the apology video, we find out it was over a hostile comment the headbutt recipient supposedly made about someone's mother. In the second clip, LaBeouf said he was sorry and that he is not trying to have anymore problems. He was trying to make peace and saying he is a normal human being. He was also slurring and sounded drunk.

Watch Shia LaBeouf's Bar Apology