This weekend we went to Grand Casino Hinckley and camped with some friends at the RV Park they have there. While I'm not a big gambler, I do occasionally play some slots just to remember what losing money feels like. (As if I don't do that enough daily.) It was my first time going to a casino since COVID-19 began. I didn't think much of it, until I felt like something was off just a few minutes inside.

I looked to my wife, and I asked, "Do you see anyone smoking in here." She replied with, "Oh I'm sure." But we scanned the place and didn't see a single cigarette or vape pen glowing. That's when I realized that they had a no smoking policy on the game room floors.

It was kind of a strange feeling, really. I've never been in a casino before where there wasn't the blue haze of smoke lingering through the air. I have to say it was actually really nice. I've smoked myself in casinos when I was younger and never thought much about it. Now, it's so nice to be able to leave and not stink like cigarette smoke.

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Heck, you could even play hookie from work for a bit and get back and nobody would expect you were at the casino because you won't smell like smoke.

Do you think this should continue from here on out? I'd be fine with it. Casinos have been the only place people have been allowed to smoke indoors for years now. Fon Du Luth Casino made their first floor smoke free. Black Bear Casino also banned smoking when they reopened during Covid.

Grand Casino Hinckley & Mille Lacs are working on putting together some smoking lounges and areas for smokers who want to enjoy other amenities and smoke. I'm fine with that too. If people want to smoke, go ahead and light up. But I'd be happier to see them in a different section so we can enjoy the cleaner smelling rest of the place.

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