The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust all of us into the unknown and part of trying to stay healthy requires social distancing, staying at home as much as possible and of course face masks. Duluth has now passed an ordinance requiring all adults and children over the age of 10 to wear face masks in public buildings with a few exceptions and of course those that are medically exempt from wearing one.

Since this could very well be a way of life for quite some time it makes sense to have a good stock of masks so that you always have one on hand that is clean and ready to wear. Below is a list of masks for sale that will help protect others around you and also maybe lighten the mood at the same time. These are in no way meant to make light of this pandemic, but to provide options of masks that you need to wear daily.

This particular mask is 100% cotton, high quality, providing comfortable breathing. One size fits for most people, unisex for Men & Women. Very breathable so you could use this while being active running, riding a bike hiking and more all with a big smile on your face!

This 8 pack of masks is quite the deal. They contain 2 layers cotton fabric, the inner layer of mouth cover is made of good-quality cotton, feeling comfortable and warm are washable and reusable plus they are lightweight and portable so you can put it inside your pocket and bring it anywhere. These masks have strong ear loops so they should stay secure.

This mask has a 100% cotton fabric soft durable and breathable. Two layered design with elastic loops that stay in place. This mask is ideal for teens or adults and is sure to bring a smile to those that see you.

It will be hard not to smile while wearing this mask knowing you have a tongue hanging out the side of your mouth. 100% cotton which is soft, durable and breathable. Elastic ear loop fits most teens and adults.

Cat lovers will be ecstatic over these cute face masks that will make them meow with glee. These three different wide eyed kitties will keep you comfortable. Ear straps can be adjusted to fit teens and adults.

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This multiple piece unisex masks are sure to be the life of the party so to speak. Probably not your first choice to wear to work or a business meeting but they are awfully funny. Made of 100% polyester these masks are washable and reusable.

These adorable masks come in a pair and you will probably get a lot of "good doggie" and maybe a pat on the head.  Designed with elastic extra-soft earloop, making it soft and comfortable on your face, very effortless breathable to wear. These masks are suitable for adults and children.

This special Sonic The Hedgehog mask is a perfect fit for any kid or adult that is a fan. This mask comes in 2 sizes small and medium. These masks are made of 100% polyester with optimum facial fit.

Even though Sponge Bob's mouth is wide open, you will be protected. Two sizes available for kids and adults. The mask is reusable easy to breathe and is washable

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