It is a sure sign of Spring officially being here as Skyline Parkway was closed down starting today through May 31 to to make additional walking trails. The city initially did this last year to allow the natural surface trails to dry out and to allow for social distancing among walkers and hikers.

City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Manager Jessica Peterson said to WDIO:

While we did that, a lot of folks started congregating on the Lakewalk, which meant that they weren't following social distancing guidelines, and COVID hygiene protocols, so we needed to offer them some alternatives to get healthy outdoor recreation, but spread them out.

Even though a year later most of us are accustomed to wearing masks and socially distancing plus some people have been able to get vaccinated as well. But of course we are not even close to being out of the woods so having an extra option of a place to go and get some fresh air and exercise is key for so many people.

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Getting to Enger Park with a vehicle will temporarily be a little bit of a challenge with just he back side of the loop which is Hank Jenson drive the only area for vehicles to enter Enger Park for right now. As the trails are starting to dry out the city is asking people to not walk on them at all for right now. If you leave a footprint the trails are to wet and the trails could be ruined.

Although it can seem like a minor convenience for now we are so fortunate to have so many mazing trails all over the city and it is so important o keep them preserved. If you would like more information on the trail conditions click here. 

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