As Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to grow--consider shopping locally Saturday, November 24th, to help give a boost to our local economy. 

Many small businesses struggle to compete with the the big box stores.  It's the convenience, the one stop shopping, and the great door-buster deals that keep us going back.  But many of us should realize what we're giving up in exchange for those benefits.  Shopping locally helps keep our money in our community.  It helps employ our family, our neighbors, and our friends.  It helps keep their doors open so they're able to serve our tourists.  You may save money by not shopping locally, but small business owners go above and beyond in customer service--something that can be worth more that a couple extra dollars in your pocket in the long run.

Small business owners also have a huge impact in the community.  Think of how many benefits, fundraisers, and events that you've been to, been a part of, or heard about. Now think about how many times you've seen that it's the small local businesses that support these functions.  They put money, products, and services back into the community they live in.  Wouldn't it be nice to shop locally on Small Business Saturday and show them how much we appreciate them?

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