After this latest round of snowstorms across the state of Minnesota I am sure many people including myself are ready for spring. I am happy for resort owners and for everyone who goes out and takes advantage of the snow and cold but I am over it already.

On a positive note though the one thing I do love about winter is the fact that we don't have to deal with bugs. Well, apparently that is not true there is actually a type of bug that thrives in the winter time they are called snow fleas.

Justine VanAlstine is from Michigan and spoke with WZZM13 when she discovered these outside her home and all started with a video she got from her husband. "It just looked like dirt at first, and then he zoomed in, and they're just jumping everywhere. He's like, there are all sorts of weird bugs on the ground, and I'm like, that's gross." At first, there was concern they would get inside. "They were just all along the door, and we just got a puppy a couple of weeks ago, so we've been in and out a lot."

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Neither Justine nor her husband had ever heard of snow fleas before. According to Michigan State University: Snow fleas as they are called are not actual fleas at all they belong to a primitive group of insects known as "springtails."

Snow fleas do not bite and are harmless to humans and animals. Their sole purpose is to feed off decaying plants and bacteria in the soil. Although they are actually out all year long they are most commonly noticed in the wintertime in the snow.

Snow fleas need moisture to survive and although they are harmless most people would not want these in their homes. According to, these are some tips to keep them out of your house;

  • Fix leaky pipes in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement.
  • Use a dehumidifier or fan to dry out a space.
  • Remove standing water in your basement and outside of your home.
  • Make sure rainspouts direct water away from your home.
  • Discard any damp and moldy wood.
  • Dry out the soil in flowerpots, then water less frequently or for a shorter length of time.
  • Use less mulch around your home’s foundation.

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