Aside from some temperature fluctuations, our weather pattern has been pretty quiet lately. This had us wondering if we might have a chance of snow before Christmas, so we headed to our weather crystal ball to see if we could find a chance for snow in the forecast.

First, the obligatory weather forecast warning - this is a forecast that looks several days into the future. Anyone that's lived around here for more than five minutes knows even short-term forecasts can sometimes change wildly. While a lot can change between now and Christmas, there appears to be a chance on the horizon for at least a little snow.


Things look to stay quiet heading into the week before Christmas, with minimal precipitation chances and mild temperatures near or above the 30 degree mark for most of the week.

There is a slight possibility of light mixed precipitation Wednesday evening, but the better chance to see snow appears to come Saturday. Cooler temperatures coming into place for Friday and Saturday accompanied by a chance of precipitation primarily through the earlier parts of Saturday gives us a chance to pick up a little snow overnight and into the day on the 22nd.

As of right now, this doesn't look like a significant snow event, rather a chance to pick up a fresh coating for the area. Following this snow event, we'll see a bit of a drop in temperatures for the next few days with daytime highs in the teens to around 20 degrees for Christmas Even and Christmas Day. Another possibility for snow comes midweek Christmas Week, with a chance to see a couple inches possibly on Christmas Day, or into Wednesday.

While there appears to be no major snowstorm on the horizon as of right now, there is still a chance these little snow events could have an impact on holiday travel. We'll continue to update this post as we get closer and the forecast gets more clear.

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