I am ecstatic that Duluth native Solomon Witherspoon will be back in town promoting his latest CD "STARLIGHT."

I have had the pleasure of knowing Solomon for the past couple of years, and he has been kind enough to always make a point to stop by the studio and say hello or break out into song. He is one of the most vibrant, talented people I have ever met, and always has a hug and a smile!

All of us at MIX 108 are so happy for his continued success, and we were excited to have him in studio this morning to talk about his new album and the cool things he's up to. He is promoting his new album tonight at a special show at Clyde Ironworks, and you can check out his new music on his website at solomonwitherspoon.com.

Here's a video of a past visit with Solomon at the MIX 108 studio.