A project between St. Louis County and Better Futures Minnesota is salvaging building materials from three uninhabitable homes in Duluth and taking what items can be sold and recycled. Unlike many home demolitions the one being done at 215 S. 62nd Ave. W. in West Duluth has been stripped to the frame and pieces of wood are being saved to use for other projects.

Because these homes were deemed uninhabitable the properties were not able to be put up for auction by the county. Instead the county will hire a contractor to clear out the foundation and flatten the lot so the site can be put up for sale.

Better Futures Minnesota mission is to save old construction materials from being discarded into landfills. Steve Thomas, founder of Better Futures, said to the Duluth News Tribune :

We believe fervently that climate change is real. We do a typical house like this, we estimate we avert the emission of about 250 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Homes like these are dangerous and an eye sore, by leveling these homes they help clean up the neighborhood, increase property value for surrounding homes and use items from the home that can be sold and recycled.

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Some of the items taken from this property were the lumber, maple flooring, bath tubs and some fixtures. The six men working on this particular project were all recently released from being incarcerated and are trying to turn their lives around. Another positive thing that this company represents. Older materials tend to be the most valuable and St. Louis County has some of the oldest buildings in the state, making this collaboration work well for both parties.

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