I am back at work today and honestly grateful to finally be out of the house after the massive snowstorm this weekend. I admit I was getting a little stir crazy by yesterday morning, and even just stood out in our driveway to get some much needed fresh air.

For many this storm caused some major frustration as their cars were buried and streets impassable for days, but for others they felt the need to experience all that a record setting storm has to offer. I am not condoning getting pulled behind a car on an innertube down a city street, but I have to admit it looked pretty fun. Check out the video below to see how some hearty Northlanders embraced all the snow.

What is funny to me is I moved up here in December many years ago and the second day I was here I was coming down from the top of Lake Avenue. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, low and behold a teenager was snowboarding down the sidewalk and was going as fast as my car. He had a jump built at the bottom and landed it like a champ. I stopped my car, rolled my window down and all I could think to say to the kid was "That was awesome!" to which he smiled and said "Thanks". All I could think to myself was "Welcome to Duluth, this place is awesome!"





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