Thanks to the internet we have all seen a crazy video or photo of an experiment to show just how cold it is outside. The tossing the water in the air seems to have become the most popular as it can make for a pretty dramatic effect or amazing picture if timed out right.

I used to love winter when i was younger, i would get all bundled up and we would go sledding for hours, up and down the hill no problem. Even times when we would crash and someone would get the wind knocked out of them, we would hop up and keep rolling. Or you could find me on a ski hill shushing as fast as my little legs could take me. But now I go out in the winter as little as possible, I need to be a little more like Carol.

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Carol Bauer and her husband reside in Graceville Minnesota where like anywhere else in the state it can get awfully cold in the winter. But instead of hibernating in their home they thought let's go outside and have a little fun! So Carol who loves taking photographs and who's husband is a gun enthusiast combined the two hobbies to make the following video below.

First off how awesome that not only do they go out in the bitter cold -20 temperature but what an ingenious way to show off how cold it actually is? I for one love the initial stand off with their backs t each other at the start of the "gun fight." I am also assuming they had to fire off their shots fairly quickly before the water would freeze in the reserve tank of their super soaker. I would be down for this for sure as long as I did not get wet. For more on this story click on

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