Some people's kids, I tell ya. This is worse than smashing pumpkins. Some jerks stole some decorations from a Superior resident's home. The owner had just finished putting the decorations up over the weekend. The house was all decked out with lights, a a giant spider & web, and large inflatable Halloween decorations.

Stacy Hudacek said that when she looked out at her yard mid day, her large inflatables were missing from her yard. Nobody saw who took them, not even her neighbors.

KBJR 6 interviewed Stacy and reveals that other yards were victims of decoration thefts. Comments in community Facebook pages show that several areas of town were hit. This is really a cruel crime, as it's a very Grinch like thing to do.  The city is currently holding a "Haunt Your House" contest that is part of  the Superior Spooktakular Events. Businesses have enter this competition as well.

It sure takes the fun out of Halloween when someone walks off with some of your expensive decorations. Are these criminals going to try to sell them? I can't imagine they would set them up as it would be evidence that they stole them.

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Keep an eye on your decorations and your neighbors. Keep an eye out for any suspicious cars in your neighborhood.

Also if you're interested in entering the Haunt Your House Costume, you better hurry as registration is done on October 15. They have plenty of other events too in Superior for Halloween. They are doing a drive in movie, pub crawl, 5k, live music, and a ton of more things to get spooky with.

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