Going back to school or starting the school year is going to be very different for many students and their families. The Superior School board members have a lot to be concerned about with the pandemic on top of worrying if some students are going to go hungry over the school year.

Jamie Wilson is the Director of Food service and told KBJR " Since school shut down in March, the district has handed out 275,000 meals." And the district is still handing out breakfast and lunch meals to students regardless of income. Parents or guardians just need to come pick up the meals. But all that is about to change once school starts.

Once the school year starts these meals will not be available to everyone. For students that choose to do distance learning they will not qualify for free or reduced price meals. Wilson has said that they are trying to make sure that no student goes hungry. Help was supposed to be coming from the Federal government as legislature was considering a bill giving schools more flexibility which would help get meals out to everyone. But so far no movement has happened since this was introduced.

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Wilson did say to KBJR " We are going to do everything that we can in our department to feed kids and to get meals to all students. I think we've really proven, since March, that that's our goal." Fingers crossed that they can work something out to help out these kids and their families.

It is so sad with all that families are going through right now with the pandemic and the stress of sending their kids back to school or all the juggling and planning that needs to be done to have the kids do distance learning. Then on top of that some families have to worry about how they are going to be able to provide meals for their child during the day. Good luck to all the parents, students and teachers, we are all in this together!

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