As the movie "Fargo" and now the series in its second season on FX network, the Minnesota accent has been getting a lot of attention, and to some in the region. totally exaggerated.

Having lived in Minnesota now more than half my life I believe that my Milwaukee accent is long gone, but every once in a while something I say has people question where I am from. On the other hand when I travel somewhere people make fun of my Minnesota accent.

So with the second season of "Fargo" underway the Hollywood Reporter asked some of the staff what their favorite Minnesota-isms are and the answers were pretty funny. Here are a few of my favorites:

* Kirsten Dunst- who plays Peggy Blumquist has had some experience playing a Minnesota native in the dark comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. She claims that "Uff Da" is one of her favorites, but she does not get to say it very much.

* Patrick Wilson- who plays Lou Solverson, said he was trying to get the term "Yah" down pat with out sounding obnoxious and being mistaken for a Swedish Leprechaun, which kind of makes no sense but is funny anyway.

* Cristin Milioti- who plays Betsy Solverson said her favorite is "Oh Yah" She loved it so much she still uses it all the time.

Fargo can be seen on FX  Network on Monday nights at 9pm CST

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