A very common cooking ingredient, that you likely have at home right now, was found to high levels of lead, the FDA is warning.

The Food & Drug Administration says that after an October 2023 recall of some cinnamon apple purée and applesauce products due to elevated lead levels that were linked to the cinnamon used in the products, an investigation was started into ground cinnamon products.

Based on the results of testing, the FDA is now recommending the recall of ground cinnamon from six different distributors whose products are sold in discount retail stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

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heap of ground cinnamon isolated on white background, top view

What Brands of Cinnamon Have High Levels of Lead?

The six brands of ground cinnamon to be on the lookout for include, La Fiesta, Marcum (sold a Save A Lot), MK, Swad, El Chilar, and Supreme Tradition (sold a Dollar Tree and Family Dollar).

FDA - Canva
FDA - Canva

What Do I Do If I Have Any of This Tainted Cinnamon?

The FDA is recommending that if you have any of these products, to throw them away and do not use. The FDA says that it has asked the manufacturers and retailers to voluntarily recall these products.

Why is Lead Dangerous?

Lead exposure is no joke. While this cinnamon won't make you sick right away, over time, it can build up in your system and cause problems. Problems caused by high lead levels include lowered IQ in kids, learning difficulties, and more. It's especially serious if you have little ones around who like to sprinkle cinnamon on everything.

The FDA says they "will continue to work with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to remove unsafe products from the market, and to further investigate the sources of the lead contamination as appropriate."

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