The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for a popular name brand smoker that has the potential to give its users an electrical shock.

Where Was The Smoker Sold?

The digital electric smoker made by Char-Broil has sold in Minnesota and Wisconsin stores like Target, Menards, and Lowe’s and is now being recalled after at least 79 reports of consumers who got a minor electrical shock from touching the smokers while in use, including one report of someone developing a finger blister after the shock, ouch!


What Models Are Being Recalled?

The smoker was also sold through online retailers like and under a variety of names and model numbers, for a complete list of all the model numbers included in this recall, checkout the recall page from The Consumer Product Safety Commission. Here are some of the names the product was sold under:

  • Digital Electric Smoker
  • Digital Electric Smoker w/Window
  • Digital Electric Smoker, Black w/Window
  • Digital Electric Smoker, Connected
  • Digital Electric Smoker, XL.

The smoker was sold between April 2015 and January 2024 and prices ranged between $300 and $600 depending on the model and features. If you discover that you own one of these smokers, you are urged to stop using the cooking gadget and contact Char-Broil for a free repair kit.


The repair kit that will be sent out includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or a "pigtail" plug, a clamshell enclosure to secure the GFCI pigtail, a cable clamp, and instructions on how to install the items.

The CPSC says, "These electric smokers were designed and intended only for outdoor use to cook without charcoal. The smokers were sold in black and stainless-steel finishes. The “Char-Broil” logo plate is on the front of the unit. The product label is located on the outside back of the unit and includes the model and serial numbers and brand information."

If you need to contact Char-Broil, you can call 833-206-4647 Monday through Saturday, or visit them online at for more information.

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