Many of us are enjoying fall or maybe still hoping that summer lasted for just a few more days, but the folks at Spirit Mountain are thinking of cold weather and lots of snow. With that, they need seasonal employees and are hoping to hire up to 300 people in all. If you are someone that enjoys being outdoors they have positions available inside too.

Right now they are guessing that they will be open 5 days a week but depending on how many hires they make they are hoping to be open up to 6 days a week. Jon Regenold, the Director of Resort Services said to FOX21:

Being able to come out and base your job on having fun with people and making sure that this environment is a welcoming, accepting place for everybody to come out is really a privilege to be a part of in the Minnesota winter. It’s about looking for the right employees and fulfilling our needed shifts, but it’s also about getting the right people to have fun and really enjoy the winter with us.

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Like many businesses in the Northland and throughout the country Spirit Mountain is facing trying to hire enough people to have everything run smoothly and safely. Generally, they hire around 150 part-timers for some of the following positions snowmakers, sell tickets, guest support, equipment rental, instructors, and restaurant workers.

Right now they anticipate being open Wednesdays through Sundays once the season is fully up and running, but they will be open seven days a week during winter breaks and Monday Holidays. Besides a fun work environment, Spirit Mountain offers employee perks as well. If you or someone you know is interested in applying go to and apply.

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