Would you believe the latest statistic about Spring Break for college students involves broken or lost Smartphones? Boy how things have changed.

I have been on a couple Spring Break getaways back in the day, and believe it or not we did not even have cell phones of any kind. Gasp! How did we even survive? Yes we puttered across country in a rented R.V. with nothing but cash, and maybe a credit card or two, with fingers crossed that we would make it there and back in one piece.

According to MSN.com SquareTrade which is a warranty company, estimates 7 million smartphones and tablets have been damaged during previous spring breaks. That is a lot of dropped phones or phones that ended up in a toilet or the ocean.

Now of course I understand that in no way could any self respecting College student even think of leaving their smart phone at home but you yourself need to be smart. But we all know that good judgement is not high on the list of things that are used during Spring Break.

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