Officials with St. Louis County released a press statement on Sunday afternoon, continuing to advise against travel in southern portions of St. Louis County following the massive snow storm that dropped more than 20 inches in the Duluth area over the weekend.

Crews have been working nonstop to clear roadways, with road conditions during the storm so bad that even some plow trucks had been getting stuck. Officials with the county say stuck and abandoned vehicles have made snow clearing efforts more difficult, pointing to this as a key reason to remain off the roads until they are cleared and safe.

Crews will work until dark on Sunday, and then resume at 4 am on Monday. Officials say Sunday's priority is heavier traveled paved county roads. They expect most if not all will be plowed and at least passable yet today, but caution they remain slippery and rutted.

Many gravel roads will likely not be plowed until Monday, and it may be longer until plows read road association roads and private driveways.

"This was a major snow event, and people should not underestimate the impact it has made on our roads and the time it takes to clear it," said Jim Foldesi, Public Works Director. "We ask people to be patient and stay off the roads to make it easier for our plow operators to do their work. Our team is doing an amazing job under very difficult conditions."

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Outside of the Duluth area, which did not receive as much snow, crews are making faster progress, and the public can expect roads to be plowed on a more typical schedule. Anyone encountering a snow plow is reminded to keep a safe distance and give them room to work.


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