With a little digging I was able to find out who the "Heely Tricks Guy" is.  His name is James G. and he started with comedic youtube videos & has manifested into a full blown push to make art & entertainment a career. You can find him on INstagram and Tick Tok, even Spotify. The opening shot of his latest video has him on his Heelys in Canal Park by the lift bridge, so I have been trying to figure out any other landmarks as well . My sons had Heelys years ago when they were younger and they loved them.

I always laughed saying those things are just for kids, no adult could do that. Guess I was I wrong. Heelys are a shoe with a wheel in the back, you can tuck the wheel in If you just want to walk but, to slide on them is a lot harder then it looks. All jokes aside despite some crazy kicks the fact as an adult he can even stay up these things is amazing, and he does have some smooth moves!

Kudos to you James and next time you are in Duluth making your fancy video's look us up here at Mix108 we would love to tag along! In case you are in the market for a fresh set of Heelys, they still make them.

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