Steve Harvey accidentally crowns #MissColombia!#MissPhilippines Wins!! #Watch how #MissUniverse all went down. #SteveHarvey owned up to his mistake. Like Rick Party & Life of the Partys#MyWifeWasKidding

Posted by Rick Party on Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tonight, the unthinkable happened: A crown was quite literally snatched.

It happened during the final moments of the Miss Universe pageant this evening at The AXIS in Las Vegas, as host Steve Harvey presented the prestigious award to Miss Colombia. The only problem? He read the wrong name: Miss Philippines was the real winner of the evening.

And the mix-up happened live.

In front of the world.

Following Miss Colombia's triumphant crowning (or so she thought!), the host of the evening awkwardly walked to the center of the stage. "I have to apologize...the first runner up is...Colombia," he stammered. "Miss Universe 2015 is...Miss Philippines!"

Cue pandemonium in the audience, social media and beyond.

Cut to a hella awkward, super confused Miss Philippines waiting patiently to have her rightfully won crown lifted off of Miss Colombia's head and placed atop her own. It's so bad. It's all so good. This is some Miss Congeniality-type nonsense right here. Where's Sandra Bullock when you need her?

Steve even tried to apologize on social media — and initially flopped at that, too. He since corrected the tweet, but STILL. PHILLIPIANS.


It also seems fairly safe to say that Harvey will not be invited back to host the Miss Universe pageant in 2016 — unless this was all entirely staged for social media outrage and ratings, in which case...see you next year, Steve!

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