It is always cool when television shows or movies are being filmed in Minnesota and lately the bright lights of Hollywood have been using the Land of 10,000 lakes for the backdrop of new movies. Most recently a film crew has been seen in Downtown Duluth and Amsoil arena shooting scenes for a new movie called "Merry Kisscam." They also have been asking locals to volunteer for background scenes.

Now the tiny town of Jordan Minnesota is in the spotlight where next week filming will take place in their downtown area on June 20 from 7 am-7 pm. According to KARE11 Joe Keery who plays Steve Harrington on the Netflix hit series "Stranger Things" is one of the stars of the movie called "Marmalade."

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Ann Healy is the film's location manager and has worked on a number of films made in Minnesota including Grumpier Old Men, Fargo, and Mighty Ducks. Healy explained that the film is a dark comedy also featuring actor Aldis Hodge. The films production company Signature Films gave a short summary of what the film is all about:

From his prison cell, small-town simpleton Baron tells a tale to his cellmate Otis about his rebellious girlfriend Marmalade, including a bank heist they committed together. After learning of the stolen cash, Otis agrees to help plan an escape to reunite Baron with his true love. Little does anyone know the master puppeteering at work manipulating them all.

No word yet on any other locations they may be filming in Minnesota, but since they are already here I am assuming they plan on shooting a few more scenes somewhere throughout the state. On a side note, the movie "Fargo" is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, and actually, one of my good friend's home in Minneapolis was used for filming. Even though they were there filming for days the only scene that stayed in the movie was the scene where they are sitting at the table eating breakfast and then Marge tells her husband the prowler needs a jump. Ha ha so cool, I laugh every time I see that scene.

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