From schools across the Twin Cities to across the entire state of Minnesota students plan on having a walk out this afternoon to show solidarity from racial injustice. According to Bring Me The News it is not just metro schools participating but places like Bemidji and Duluth as well.

According to a group called MN Teen Activists with at least 100 schools participating around the state some will be starting there walk out at 1p and some later today.

According to a Instagram Post from Minnetonka High School students are asked to :

-Meet in the west parking lot by the painted rock
- Wear shirts with slogans of solidarity OR black (dress warmly)
- Hosted by Asian Student Union, Women of Color and Men of Color
- Online students can meet us in person or tune into our livestream

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While many of the schools have speakers set up or programs the students from the Twin Cities areas plan on marching to US Bank Stadium before 1:47 pm because that is the time that Duante Wright was pulled over by police in Brooklyn Center.

The Twin Cities is already is on edge today with closing arguments in Derek Chauvin's murder trial and so for these students to be able to express themselves in a peaceful manner I think its very important. Many of the students have a set time for the walk out to end and some may continue throughout the day. I think we as adults can a learn a lot form these students form all different backgrounds and cultures to come together for solidarity we should as adults have no problem doing the same!

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