The internet is full of junk that you have to question. In the case of this business sign in St. Cloud, Minnesota, I have so many questions.

In a recently-posted image to the Facebook group Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage, a sign was posted that has people talking online.

The group, known by its nickname UUU Signage, shares bizarre, unique, funny, or other odd business signage from around the country. A Minnesota woman named Gina recently shared an image with the group that depicts a sign for a Central Minnesota business that was shut down and put up for sale in 2021.

The business? A gentleman's club named "Sugar Daddy's" just north of St. Cloud in Sauk Rapids, came off the market in the fall of 2022. This left people to speculate what would be opening in the location.

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In late 2022, the marquee sign between the highway and the pole shed-style building that was home to the establishment started showing signs of life once again. Some of the messages on the electric billboard said things like "coming soon", "Pumpkin & Spice" and "Racks & Thighs", with some speculating that it would reopen as an adult entertainment venue.

While there are currently no significant signs of the business being open online, a Redditor reports that the sign out front declared an opening date in late for whatever the business is in November of 2022.

Judging by commentary online, it appears to have reopened as a gentleman's club once again, which would explain the sign that the Minnesota woman, Gina, shared recently online.

Located right on US Highway 10 north of St. Cloud, a lot of traffic passes by this sign each day. That said, it is kind of surprising more people haven't shared photos of this sign yet.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In what is apparently an annual tradition for Sugar Daddy's, the sign shares what appears to be an open invitation for some new customers - or maybe job applicants - saying "Now accepting Class of 2023". It's hard to say which they mean, or maybe they mean both, but either way it is pretty tacky.

The original post from Gina suggests it is an annual tradition around graduation season. Classy.

The original post to UUU Signage saw a slew of comments from people calling it "gross" or "disgusting" to others saying it is "on brand" or that "it tracks" for St. Cloud.

Others in a Minnesota-oriented Facebook group had a variety of reactions. Some made jokes, while others made comments like "Stay classy Sugar Daddy's" and "Nasty".

While there is a chance this sign photo may have been doctored, it's quite the attention-getting visual that (if real) is certainly conversation-worthy.

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