The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Initiative has been out again this holiday season for their biggest fundraiser of the year. It's also been a year where they've seen more people in need than ever before. They've had their share of obstacles with fundraising, including an initial desperate need for volunteers at the beginning of the season

Fortunately, people stepped up to help! In recent weeks an astonishing amount of new volunteers have come out to ring bells at the red kettles and drive donations. But sadly, the numbers are still down from last year about 20% at this time for donations. The Duluth Salvation Army's goal is to raise $220,000 this year, and they've got over $140,000 more to go. They also have over 1500 volunteer hours still to fill.

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Many of the Red Kettle locations are at local Super One Foods stores. Miners Inc who operates the stores has now extended their annual match to help the Salvation Army deliver a Merry Christmas for those vulnerable in our community. Beginning Monday, December 13 the donations made to the red kettles at area Super One stores will be matched. This will continue until Christmas Eve, which is the final day of the red kettles. They will match up to $50,000 in donations.

The match has been very successful in the last decade, with over $500,000 being raised.

The Super One Foods Stores are all across the Northland totaling 13 stores in many cities including Duluth, Superior, Virginia, Hibbing, Cloquet, Grand Rapids, and Two Harbors.

If you are interested in volunteering to ring bells at one of the kettles, you can easily sign up at the Duluth Salvation Army's website. 

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