The more coffee shops, the better. Now, it looks like Superior is getting one more!

A Caribou Coffee location will be opening up in Superior, Wisconsin and very soon. This Caribou Coffee store is special because it is a "Caribou Cabin" store, which is different than a regular location.

A Caribou Cabin is a smaller version of the coffee shop where you can walk up to the window to order or drive-through. According to KARE 11 news, the cabin models are meant to give customers a "Northwoods" feel when they are getting their java.

There is also no interior seating. KARE 11 also reports that it is meant to bring customers their coffee faster, as they don't have to take orders inside and at the drive-through window.

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So when is the big grand opening? The new store will open on Tuesday, July 13th! Store hours will be the same each day, opening at 5:30 a.m. and closing at 8 p.m. every day.

I reached out to the store to get more details on what we can expect from the new location. I was told that while they open on Tuesday, they will be having a big grand opening event the following Friday, July 16th.

At the grand opening, they will be making things really official with a ribbon cutting at 9 a.m. There will also be city officials on site to help kick things off!

On the day of the grand opening event, customers can get one dollar off any large or nitro beverage of their choosing. On the following Saturday and Sunday, one dollar from every drink purchased will benefit CASDA in Superior, which helps survivors of abuse. The Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse is just a block and a half from the new coffee shop.

The new Caribou Cabin will be located at 2215 East 2nd Street in Superior. I am excited to order a drink from a Caribou Cabin. Ha!

News of this Caribou location broke in March of this year. Some internet sleuths noticed a job posting for the new location on the internet and broke the news that the coffee shop was moving to the new Wisconsin location.

A few years back, a new Caribou Coffee location opened right next to our old studios! I was so excited that there was one just a few feet away and now, another location for all of us to enjoy. Like I said, the more coffee shops, the better.

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