The Superior City Council is going to be discussing introducing a resolution to the voters concerning hiring a city administrator. They recently paid $44,000 for a study to be done about how to efficiently run the government to RW Management Group.  They made the recommendation to look at the possibility of having an administrator run the day to day operations of the city in an effort to professionalize the way the city is operated. That would then reduce the Mayor position to part time.

According to the Superior Telegram, Councilman Dan Olson is introducing the resolution on January 7th.  Mayor Jim Paine is against the idea, saying that a mayor is held accountable for their actions by the public vote, and a city administrator would not be held to the same accountability.

It's been a tough year for politics in Superior with a largely divided City Council who failed several times to even come to an agreement on who the council president should be.

Regardless of the outcome of the discussion on January 7th, the council is not obligated to move forward with a city-wide vote. This is more of a tool to gauge the next steps for the city.


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