Superior offers tribute trees as a way to memorialize someone or something, and they will dedicate those trees next week.

The trees are a unique way to add to the "boulevard tree stock" and add some beauty to the city of Superior. The city lost a lot of trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer outbreak and it's good to see some trees coming back to fill that empty space.

Mayor Jim Paine will join some members of the Superior Urban Forestry Tree Board to thank the donors and help dedicate the trees.

The ceremonies will happen Monday, June 15th and 3 PM and 4 PM, and Thursday, June 19th at 1 PM and 1:15 PM.

Two trees will be planted in memory of long time Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen. Here is a list of the tribute trees that will be planted and where to find them.

Monday, June 15th
3:30pm The Edwards Family planted an American Elm in Memory of Betty Jo Edwards
Located on the corner of 18th Ave and Wyoming Ave

4:00pm Gerri Knight planted a Honey Locust in Honor of Alice Knight Gerri Knight planted a Honey Locust in Memory of David Akerstrom. Located on the corner of Banks Ave and Henry Cohen Frontage Road by Homecroft Court on the corner by the Social Security building
Thursday, June 18th
1:00pm Roberta Meyer planted a Japanese Tree Lilac in Memory of Robert and Dorothy Meyer. Located across from the Barkers City boat launch parking lot on  Marina Drive next to the bench facing the Park Point Airport

1:15pm Kent and Debra Oliver planted two Japanese Tree Lilacs in Tribute of Bruce Hagen. Located across from the Barkers Island Inn Parking lot on Marina Drive where the walking trail ends

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